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A hand delivered letter from the United Kingdom

27 November 1987

Dear Kamal,

When we stayed in your hotel in February you were very kind and let me use one of the empty rooms on the third floor to do some drawings. Since the Mount of Olives Hotel has the best views in all Jerusalem, this was a great treat and priviledge for me and I am most grateful.

Since we have been at home, I have made some drawings and I thought that you might like to have them:

  Chapel of the Ascension 1   24 kb 251 kb
  Chapel of the Ascension 2   75 kb 242 kb
  The Old City of Jerusalem   75 kb 253 kb
  House Across the Street   43 kb 114 kb

Thanks for your kindness in allowing me the use of the room, and for all the keep you gave Roger and me while we stayed with you.

With best wishes to you and all your family, and to everyone at the hotel,


Shirley Reed

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