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A Message From The USA

Cindy Watlington - 06 October 1998 (via Greeting Card)

Dear Mt. of Olives Friends,

Hello !!

Mr. Kamal, Imad, Ibrahim, Mahmoed, Maher, Walid, Attah, Nuha, and Hateem.

I hope all is well with each of you there. I think of you often and miss all of you. It was so hard for me (us) to leave. Your hospitality was hard to beat even in the U.S.. Many could take lessons from you on the subject. I wish we could have stayed longer. I haven't developed all of my pictures yet. When I do, I'll send you some. I hope we can return in 1999 with some of the other members of our mission. They will fall in love with you as well. You all have spoiled us. Thank you for taking good care of us and for making our stay an unforgettable one. I still remember all of you and keep you in my prayers always. A prayer for the peace of Jerusalem is always in my heart.
I love you all.

Cindy Watlington

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