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An Email From America

20 January 2000 (via the internet)

Dear Mr . Ibrahim

Hello. Hope you are doing well. I stayed at the Mount of Olives Hotel last November 12-15. It was a great place to stay. Visiting Jerusalem was a wonderful and life changing experience. I have been bragging about your place ever since I returned. I made a photo album of the trip. I have attached a picture of us together in your office.

My brother Don now plans to visit Jerusalem and has made reservations at your hotel. He will arrive about 16 February 2000, for a week. I hope you will take good care of him.

I had a wonderful time at your hotel. I met a lot of characters in your restaurant. The food was good every morning and night. Your father and Imad were very nice to me. And how about the young woman, was she your sister? I enjoyed meeting everyone there.

I heard your hotel was featured on 60 Minutes II in mid-December. However, I heard about it, I unfortunately did not see you. Some one who did see it said you described the Mount of Olives Hotel as a place for the common man. I think that is a very good description. It was pleasant in every way. At my travel agent's office, I left him a "yellow sticky" to put in his book of hotels, about how good and economical I thought your hotel is.

Best wishes,
Robert Hopkins

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