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An Email From America

12 July 2000 (via the internet)

Hello Ibrahim

It has been a few weeks since I visited Jerusalem, and I still think about it all the time. I have traveled a lot all over the world, but a visit to the Holy Land is a truly unique and blessed experience.

We enjoyed our stay at your Mount of Olives Hotel. The view of the old city from our room was as wonderful as you said. You must include a photo of that view on your website! The hotel is in a million dollar location! Walking from the hotel, to all the great sites on the Mount of Olives, and down the mount into the old city was a great experience. Walking back up the mount is a little tough, but worth it. It is amazing how many important sites are within walking distance from your hotel. We also enjoyed the family run atmosphere of the hotel. Everybody was very friendly, and very hospitable!

Your taxi driver, Hatim, is a great guy! We ended up giving him a lot of business during our trip there. Give him our "salaam" greetings the next time you see him.

Sorry that we did not get to talk more in person when I was there. I would have liked to have seen more the internet company [an ISP located in the hotel] there. But my schedule was fully booked up with my tour group. Hopefully I will make it over there again soon.

Salaam !
Joe Scott
Miami, Florida USA

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